Liberty Enlightening the World

At, we usually stay away from politics and religion, too often intertwined. Today, we make an exception to recognize the reality of a very important human desire: Liberty, as a prime element in finding Enlightenment, and to recognize a special event.

The founders of the United States of America, wanted Liberty above all else, and many fought and died to allow others this basic human right. The people of France recognized this in their gift of a statue “Liberty Enlightening the World” (in French: La Liberté éclairant le monde). Today’s world is in chaos, in part because governments and politicians are driven by self-interest at the expense of human rights. Enlightenment has taken a severe beating.

In Frank’s 30” x 30” acrylic on wood painting from 2001, “Liberty Enlightening the World”, he projects Enlightenment standing strong, through the suffering and confusion we find around us today. There is a guiding light. (The statue performed as a navigational lighthouse from 1886 until 1901.)

Enlightened Liberty
Enlightened Liberty

All of this takes on special meaning today as Frank recognizes his grandson’s decision to become a warrior in defense of Liberty around the world. Bless this young man for his bravery and courage. May he help protect a world that rediscovers Enlightenment and Liberty as primary human rights.

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  1. Frank (Dad) your words are so soothing to my soul. This photograph does not do this amazing painting justice. I can’t see the eagle. Our young Airman starts his adventure, but he knows we will always be his home, his safe haven. Thank you.

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