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Real Art and Zen Dragon Special Holiday Gift

The picture below is of a real dragon that visited the Art and Zen Sanctuary.

This dragon posed so nicely for a photo, we think it would make a special desktop picture for our visitor’s computers. Put some free color in your Black Friday!

Dragon Fly Desktop Gift from Frank Kliewer - Art and Zen
Dragon Fly Desktop Gift from Frank Kliewer –

So, left click for a larger version, and then right-click to copy and then save this gift for your use. We’ve formatted it with green bands on the sides to place folders and documents off the main picture area for a more organized and uncluttered (Zen) desktop approach.

As with the Fire Dragon lurking around here at this site and in the Art and Zen Sanctuary, not a pixel has been disturbed…this is a true image.

Enjoy, while we play in the Sanctuary for a few days!

Touching… Walking on Art

When you visit a museum or gallery, you are expected to not touch the art. Frank enjoys the fact that his art is not only touched, but walked on:

It was Frank’s great honor to be hired as a consultant to assist in the property purchase, development and construction of a new Zen monastery  in Seattle, where Master Jian Hu served as the first abbot. This was a dream fulfillment for Frank.

This new monastery replaced a dilapidated facility, once a church that degenerated into the living space of drug users and prostitutes. The local community received a great blessing with a new Zen spirit in their neighborhood upon completion of the monastery… a true sanctuary for those seeking truth and peace.

Through Frank’s experience in managing the work of government agencies, contractors, architects, and engineers, he was able to save the Zen monastery well over one million dollars in the acquisition and build-out process.

After completion, It was then Frank’s greater honor to envision, build and gift an outdoor public art installation, a Peace Pole and Dharma Wheel combination, seen in the pictures above, for the enjoyment of all at the monastery , including Master Jian Hu. Frank was also commissioned to paint an outdoor welcome sign at the entrance to the monastery.