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Two for Infinite Joy, Please

In the 23” x 20” framed acrylic on wood painting below, Frank gets whimsical with some Asian characters, have two stick figures joyfully jumping a hurdle together, ripping through the fabric of space and time. This piece is part of an infinity bubble series.

Two for Infinite Joy, please
Two for Infinite Joy, Please

Finding a realistic and sustainable joy is often easier with a trusted partner or group.


Let us open our leaves like a flower, and be passive and receptive.

John Keats


The acrylic on wood drawing / painting above titled “Welcome” hangs in the entrance to the Art and Zen Sanctuary, to greet all who enter. The overall creation area is 29” x 50” which includes the hand-crafted 3-D frame that Frank built to emulate an Asian character symbolizing an open receptiveness.

A Dream

In the lighthouse series, Frank created different points of view.

A Sailor's Dream
A Sailor’s Dream

In this 28” x 18” pastel on illustration board, Frank wonders what it would be like for a sailor at sea for months. Would he dream about seeing a light? Would he trust his eyes or think it a vision when finally seeing a light?

This was the first of the lighthouse series, which precedes the Dharma Wheel Galaxy paintings. The concepts flow along the same path.

Joy of Giving

No reward needed… Just give of yourself and expect nothing in return… that is really a great feeling. Reducing the suffering of others is the highest and most rewarding joy we can have in our lives. If our giving is recognized, that is a wonderful experience, in itself in a new unit of time, particularly if unexpected.

Someone recently mentioned to us that if they are doing their job right, nobody notices. Trust should naturally flow between us, bringing with it an unspoken expectation of performance underlying our relationship. Sometimes, it is only when things go wrong that people speak up. But that is OK… if our intentions were right in the first place.

But, all this lack of expectation of reward, does not relieve us of recognizing the good work of others. There is a real joy in offering meaningful and honest praise to those that are delivering what we need and want.

The Joy of Giving
The Joy of Giving

Blessings to all.