You can contact Chán or any of us at the Art And Zen Sanctuary by sending an email to … as Hermit Frank is the Mail-person, among other things. He is pretty quick to make deliveries, or respond to communication directed to him.








And if you would like to discuss issues of direction, or lack thereof around the Sanctuary, you might consider chatting with Mountie. He is our patrolling security tech.  He is very understanding…he’ll help you find the “right” way.



Hermit Mailperson (Frank)
Hermit Mail-person (Frank)


So, to contact any of us, including Hermit Frank, at the Art And Zen Sanctuary, send your email to:

Just specify in the message who you would like to respond, and Frank will sort it out.

Thank you very much!




“Successful Hunt in the Art and Zen Sanctuary”

Photo credit: Gracy, Griffyn, and Alyssa © 2013

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