Learning from, and Living in…History

Learning from History

A few months ago, Mary asked Frank for a new painting in the living room. They decided to recreate a meaningful as well as decorative art work. They wanted to hang a piece that would influence future art production through a better understanding of the earliest art produced thousands of years ago. They decided on recreating a cave painting from the photos and information about the first art created by early artists. After building a custom wood panel, Frank applied heavy impasto coats of acrylic paint with a sponge to simulate a cave wall surface for this 30″ x 60″ painting.

Early Art... Respect for life
Early Art… Respect for life

Living in History

Now as Mary and Frank sit and discuss the day and future directions, they are blessed with a sense of the earliest art, and bring a bit of history forward in time.

Early Art... Respect for life
Early Art… Respect for life, and … “Do you want to play a game?”


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