Zen Garden

In 2009, Terry Welch, the owner and creator of one of the most photographed Zen gardens in the West, commissioned Frank to do a painting of his garden. So many photographs, published over several years, but never a painting.

Terry's Zen Garden
Terry’s Zen Garden

The painting above, done in acrylic on a wood panel is about 40” x 24” and includes a portrait of Master Jian Hu, and a Blue Heron, both visitors of this garden.

In producing the painting, Frank learned that when the lines are raked into the sand (or as in this case, speckled granite stones), these lines represent the movement of our lives. This movement is like the currents of water flowing around islands and continents, represented by the large rocks.

If you stick to the center of the channel (middle path) you will be less likely to run aground, and keep moving.


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