Zen is a way of liberation, concerned not with discovering what is good or bad or advantageous, but what is.
Alan Watts

Zen Liberation
Zen Liberation

Zen frees our mind to receive truth.

(Meditation quiets the noise in our mind so truth can be sensed.)

A question that comes up occasionally on Zen practice is if there is a conflict with religion. There is no need for conflict. In fact, Zen meditation can enhance your spiritual experience. In other words, you can be a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, or hold other beliefs, or none at all, and still have a mind and body Zen practice that brings joy and peace to your life by reducing suffering. Zen is about opening up, not closing off. Just like Yoga or Pilates practices, Zen focuses on unifying your being to strengthen its operation. In the case of Zen, a very holistic, calm and healthy relationship between your mind and body are the basic results of a good Zen meditation practice.


A good practice is assisting other living beings, following the action of the Early Church Fathers in their daily routines.

The Joy of Giving
The Joy of Giving


Master Jian Hu

Frank spent several years in study, meditation and retreat, learning the practical application of Zen meditation principles and practice.

The most profound and practical Zen teaching Frank has received, along with the writing of Shunryu Suzuki, came from Master Jian Hu as the abbot of a Zen monastery in the San Francisco bay area. Master Jian Hu is still teaching today as he translates Eastern thinking into Western understanding. His method of teaching Zen wisdom is highly recommended by Art and Zen.

It was Frank’s great honor to be hired later on as a consultant to assist in the purchase, development and construction of a new Zen monastery  in Seattle, where Master Jian Hu served as the first abbot. This was the fulfillment of a dream for Frank, reflected now in his current work.

This new monastery replaced a dilapidated facility, once a church that degenerated into the living space of illegal drug users and prostitutes. The local community received a great blessing with a new Zen spirit in their neighborhood… a true sanctuary for those seeking truth and peace.

Through Frank’s experience in managing the work of government agencies, contractors, architects, and engineers, he was able to save the Zen monastery well over one million dollars in the property acquisition and build-out process.

After completion, It was then Frank’s greater honor to envision, build and gift an outdoor public art installation for the enjoyment of all at the monastery and the community it serves. Frank was also commissioned to paint an outdoor welcome sign at the entrance to the monastery.

The images in the slide presentation below show Frank’s combination Dharma Wheel and Peace Pole outdoor art design under construction, completed and in use by Master Jian Hu and others:

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